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Welcome and thank you for visiting . Bijoux Rouge is a small cattery & kennel located  just North East of Houston,Texas.  Our love and admiration for our Persians and Bulldogs result in quality health, personality and beauty.  All our Persians and Bulldogs are raised in a loving and animal friendly, home environment.  Bijoux Rouge Persian kittens and puppies have a delightful, playful and out-going disposition as a result of this. 
 My dream of having my own Persian cattery goes back to my childhood. My  uncle brought home 2 beautiful, Persian kittens, a shaded silver and a solid black.  It was love at first sight for me. Now, many years later my dream has finally come true. My love and respect for Persian cats is never-ending.My love for Bulldogs goes back almost as far, to when my father brought home an bulldog puppy.
My family and I currently live in the North East part of Houston, Texas. My household includes 3 active sons, the best dogs in the whole world, and of course our beautiful Persian cats, kittens & Bulldogs.  All of our pets receive the best care possible. All of our furry babies are fed quality diets . Most importantly, they are raised in the house with us. Our Persian kittens and Bulldog puppies are well socialized, little balls of fur that love to play and snuggle. All our Persians are registered with CFA. All our Bulldogs are registered with AKC.

Bijoux- Rouge Persian Kittens and Cats are  FELV/FIV tested and are negative.


* All cats and kittens are registered with CFA
* Bijoux Rouge is a cattery registered with CFA

Bijoux Rouge Is a CFA registered Cattery, specializing in Persian Cats & kittens,AKC English Bulldogs,  located in Texas.Houston, Texas Persian Cats, Persian Kittens, English Bulldogs. AKC Bulldogs
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